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"During my tenure as President of Carrier Transport Air Conditioning, when I needed market information on the bus industry, there was only ONE SOURCE I trusted - Bus Solutions! Their team has more extensive knowledge of this industry than anyone else."

Bob Slavonia, President Emeritus
Carrier Transport Air Conditioning

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The Official Bus and School Bus Blue Books The Official Bus and School Bus Blue Books

The Official Bus Blue Book is a complete used bus price guide. The book gives you benchmark pricing on thousands of used transit, intercity, shuttle and trolley buses options throughout North America and Canada.

The Official School Bus Blue Book is a complete used school bus valuation guide covering Type A, B, C and D style school buses. Find the hidden value in your used bus, Order Your Blue Books today!

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Bus Direct Pages Heading Bus Direct Pages, Bus Direct CDROM and Bus Direct Online Search Products

The Bus Direct Pages is an all-in-one directory for the bus, coach and limousine industry and is considered to be the largest and most comprehensive buyer's guide covering all four market segments: Intercity, Transit, Shuttle and School bus. Bus operators, manufacturers, transit authorities and bus related companies are just a few of the bus industry professions that will find the Bus Direct Pages,
Bus Direct CDROM and the Bus Direct Online Search invaluable tools.

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Bus Weekly Bus Weekly

The Bus Weekly Fax and Bus Weekly Email are classified ad publications targeted to bus industry operators, dealers, bus manufacturers, suppliers and transit authorities across North America and Canada. Bus Weekly is one of the fastest, most efficient means of selling, buying and trading in the industry! With Bus Weekly you can buy and sell your bus parts, coaches, used school buses, charter buses, intercity, transit and shuttle buses, offer bus financing, announce bus industry events and more...

Bus Direct Pages   Bus Direct Pages
Bus Solutions Bus Solutions

Bus Solutions is the industry's leading bus
Appraisal Services and Consulting Services! Bus Solutions has developed a variety of bus appraisals and consulting services designed to assist bus companies and manufacturers, lenders, finance companies, insurance companies, tour bus operators, school bus companies, transportation companies and transit authorities in preserving the value of their bus or fleet assets.

Bus Solutions   Bus Solutions